Venezuela: persecution of democratic opposition

Mr. President, the European Union has presented itself in international politics as an actor dedicated to promoting democracy and protecting human rights. We can strongly state that respect of democratic procedures and principles, as well as respect for human rights do not only represent a political priority for the Union’s external action, but the very reason of its existence. In such conditions, we cannot ignore watching with concern the situation in Venezuela, where the rule of law, the democratic principles and mechanisms, as well as the essential rights belonging to each human being are persistently violated. Continue reading

MEP Claudia Tapardel together with mayor of Bucharest’s 3rd District, Robert Negoita, promote Bucharest in Europa

MEP Clauda Tapardel and mayor Robert Negoita discussed today in Brussels about concrete ways for promoting Bucharest in the European Union, together with several Romanian and foreign MEPs.

The purpose of the meeting was to identify strategies and projects by which MEPs and representatives of local administration can collaborate in the interest of citizens they represent. Continue reading